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The Idea Factory

The impact of the youth on the technology scene is undeniable. In2IT recognises its role in the economic development ecosystem and is committed to taking the steps necessary to enhance, and promote a more productive entrepreneurial climate for the economy to thrive in. “The Idea Factory – Mobilizing Creative Concepts,” In2IT’s empowerment initiative targeted at youth-owned, start-up IT enterprises and technology innovators seeking industry experts to convert their ideas into tangible and high income-generating concepts. Candidates may range from those who have technical application intentions, but limited technical experience, to candidates with technical backgrounds but limited finances to mobilize their creative concepts. In2IT will select the creative concepts that indicate feasibility, sustainability, notable innovative composition and mostly those that indicate potential to create sustainable job creation. Using a top down approach, In2IT will impart the key competencies of a successful entrepreneurship as In2IT facilitates the journey into the competitive market

Our goal is to create a sustainable programme that will link the development of private sector profitability with high social impact, and also to gain essential guidance and partnerships in the execution of this initiative as we embark on this journey in unlocking economic activity among our youth.

For more information regarding products of The Idea Factory, applications and criteria, please contact us at theideafactory@in2ittech.com.