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Skills Development

In2IT has entered into a new and evolving phase in the execution of Skills Development initiatives which are closely, and strategically aligned with the objectives of the National Skills Development Strategy. Holistically, In2IT’s ambitions are to effectively contribute toward the development and elevation of skills within the ICT sector as a business development investment as well an industry development investment. The organisation embodies Inclusion and Empowerment, and will remain committed to transferring skills to the previously excluded groups in order to uplift the socioeconomic status of our employees. Thus, In2IT upholds the Skills Development pillar of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment through active support and implementation of Skills Development.

In2IT Technologies has launched the anticipated I n 2 I n t e l l e c t s Learnership Programme, which will accommodate an upward of 40 qualifying engineering, ICT and related graduates annually, which places them through extensive and comprehensive training, cultivating the practical skills necessary to become IT professionals. Integrating work based learning and theoretical learning, In2IT incubates undergraduates fresh out of formal institutions, determined to facilitate the transition from secondary and tertiary into the corporate climate. In2IT's goal is to grow a pool of suitably skilled IT resources from which they can draw to fill their own staffing needs, as well as those of other IT companies, both in South Africa and abroad. It is In2IT's goal for the Programme to train and create an upward of 1000 employable and capable IT professionals by 2020. And to further design interventions and shape solutions that will address developmental skills needs within the ICT sector.