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Information Security Services

Today's enterprise and public sector networks are more geographically distributed than ever before. Enterprise applications are more centrally located somewhere across the globe and must be flawlessly and securely delivered to all locations. This evolution offers many new opportunities but also has spawned a new generation of network threats.

Information security requires the implementation and enforcement of reliable operational practices, including an auditable, provable way to collect security metrics. By defining security policies and distributing them throughout the fabric in a centralized manner, organizations can gain greater control over their data center environments and maintain a much higher degree of data integrity.

To meet complex and fast growing business requirements, organizations have to protect mission critical data including sales data, profitability data, client details, clients personal information and have to meet a number of legal & regulatory compliances. Organizations today have to constantly assessinformation security infrastructure in order to keep ahead from competitors.

  • Constantlydeveloping complex and dynamic security threats
  • Lack of in house expertise to address complete security needs of an organizations
  • Difficulty in meeting the highest security standards
  • Inadequate knowledge and resourcesto addressand comply with regulations
  • Extremly huge expenditure to address life cycle requirement of security need of an organization.
Business Benefits:
  • Security COE providing best practices and best resources with all round skills
  • Security portfolio addressing Life Cycle need of an organization, from consulting, execution to constant watch.
  • Huge pool of certified and experienced resources acroos the industry recongnized products and technologies
  • Inadequate knowledge and resourcesto addressand comply with regulations
  • Continuous support on regulations and audits