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In2IT's Global Operations Centre

In2IT Technologies, has opened and unveiled our Global Operations Centre (GOC) at our new, larger premises located in the heart of Sandton. The move provided additional real estate not only for the GOC but also to cater to the company's rapid expansion.

Giving technology personality through its twenty first century corporate presentation, In2IT Technologies’ 70 seater Global Operation Centre has been described as the territory of innovation. The ergonomically seasoned environment is designed to accommodate and stimulate the young and vibrant population of the GOC, where various teams are set to work on cutting edge and emerging technologies such as the Internet of things (IOT), artificial intelligence (AI) and the blockchain. The GOC has a young and vibrant staff population, with over 60% of its staff under the age of 25. The additional space will enable In2IT to continue – and expand – our Learnership Programme, as well as enable us to be more customer-centric.

We invite customers, both existing and potential, to come and visit our new offices where, at our GOC, they can fully explore the possibilities of technology and how to make it work best for them.