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A holistic view and strategic approach are key to the success of Remote Infrastructure Management

By Saurabh Kumar, Managing Director at In2IT Technologies South Africa

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) is not a new concept, however, as connectivity and cloud-based solutions have grown, the ability to manage a greater proportion of infrastructure remotely has become a reality. RIM offers organisations numerous benefits. However, given the increased complexity of IT environments, RIM can become correspondingly complex if not effectively implemented and managed. Too many different tools for multiple functions can complicate matters, leading to ineffective and inefficient infrastructure management. A holistic solution for monitoring infrastructure, as well as a strategic, phased approach to the implementation of RIM services, can go a long way toward assuring success.

RIM is the process of managing IT infrastructure from a different location, and it is a concept that has grown in popularity and adoption over the years as more equipment becomes available for remote monitoring. In fact, research firm IDC estimates that over 85% of infrastructure components can be managed from a remote location. RIM can be applied across a variety of areas within the organisation, including data centre management, network management, end user computing, security management and cross-functional services.

One of the benefits of this is that it enables organisations to leverage outsourced infrastructure management services, which in turn helps to reduce the staffing costs associated with the management of IT infrastructure. Services can be standardised, IT policies can be streamlined across branches and departments, and the cost of management becomes more predictable. In addition, outsourced RIM services enable organisations to benefit from higher reliability, reduced risk, and lower IT costs through one-stop management for their entire IT infrastructure.

Despite these benefits, many organisations experience a number of challenges with the introduction of RIM. The primary issue is that over the years CIOs have spent significant amounts on tools and technology to enable RIM, each designed to manage a different area, solution, or part of infrastructure. Often, the majority of features are not utilised, and this fragmented approach results in siloes that fail to provide an aggregated view of infrastructure across the board. There are simply too many tools, areas and providers to manage, and as a result, service level agreements (SLAs) may not be met, infrastructure may not be effectively managed, and organisations could end up spending money with little or no return. What is needed is an integrated, holistic solution to monitor as well as the ability to view all these key areas of the IT infrastructure system simultaneously.

Whether organisations choose to outsource the full management of infrastructure to a single service provider, or only certain aspects of it, it is essential to create well-defined SLAs to govern the management of infrastructure. In addition, service providers need to deliver visibility into the infrastructure being managed through comprehensive reporting. From the business aspect, it is essential to create an integrated view of IT operations, and align IT with defined business outcomes, to ensure that IT can add value to the organisation. A RIM service provider can then work towards supporting these goals with appropriate SLAs and services.

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